1. All our invoices are immediately due, unless agreed upon otherwise.
2. All our prices are net prices excluding VAT. All taxes, rights and costs, due upon delivery or thereafter, are at the expense of the buyer.
3. A first order automatically implies the acceptance of our general terms and conditions of sale. If complaints are made, they must reach us within five days by registered mail. As from the second invoice, our general terms and conditions of sale are indisputable applicable due to the fact that the first invoice was not protested against.
4. In case of failure to pay the invoice on the day due, the buyer shall pay default interests on the unpaid amounts. The interests are calculated on the basis of the interest rate applicable to late payments in commercial transactions as provided in the Belgian law of 02.08.2002.
5. In case of failure to pay on the day due, a damage fee of 10 % shall be paid on the unpaid amount.
6. The delivery times are always given for information only and are not binding for us. A delay in delivery can never result in a breach of contract or an application for compensation.
7. The goods are sent at the risk of the buyer, even if the delivery is made franco.
8. These general terms and conditions of sale apply to all orders that are transferred to us. The customer is deemed to accept these general terms and conditions of sale by the mere fact of placing his order.
Deviations from these general terms and conditions of sale, even if listed on documents from the customer or from our representatives are only opposable to us when they have been confirmed by us in writing. Even in that case, our general terms and conditions of sale remain applicable regarding all others elements.
9. The goods remain the property of the seller until receipt of full payment.
10. On the offers, deliveries, orders and contracts of WHC Labs bvba, only the Belgian law is applicable. In case of a dispute, only the courts in Antwerp are competent.